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by Hoath

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Rehearsal place recording of 2nd album material.
HOATH is now signed on Saturnal Records and album recordings will take place early 2016 finally.


released February 11, 2014

VHLM - drums, vocals
SHTRG - guitars



all rights reserved


Hoath Finland

Occult blackened death metal.

VHLM - vocals
SHTRG - guitars
INFCTN - bass
VNM - drums

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Track Name: Crown Of The Mind
Crown Of The Mind (No Secret Veiled)

imperfection of impurity
vitiate the Eidolon Reflexion
ethical limitations
examples of the failure

abyss is the crown of the mind
Tiphereth is the Hexagram
harmonizing and mediating
between Kether and Malkuth

the danger of ceremonial magick
nature seems a tragedy
the great trance called sorrow
to be dealt with in this place

methods of Goetia
exposition of the Art
the symbolism of Tiphareth
exalt the mind

doctrine of immortality
abstruse elementary decay
the chain of the Aeons
there remains no secret veiled
Track Name: To The Mother Of Abominations
To The Mother Of Abominations

thou shalt drain
out thy blood
into the golden cup
of her fornication

thou shalt mingle thy life
with the universal life
thou shalt keep
not back one drop
then shall thy brain be dumb
thy heart beat no more
thy life shall go from thee
thy bones shall whiten in the sun

slay thyself in the fervour
of thine abandonment unto our lady
let thy flesh hang loose upon thy bones
thine eyes glare with quenchless lust

tear thy mother
from thine heart
spit in the face
of thy father

let thy foot trample
the belly of thy wife
let the babe at her breast
be the prey of dogs and vultures

in the chapel of abominations
unto Hadit and unto Nuit
be the glory in the end
be the glory in the Beginning
Track Name: Proclamation Of The Crowned And Conquering Child
Proclamation Of The Crowned And Conquering Child

refuge from the horror
of contemplating nature
the river of the soul
remember bearings
of previous reach
Liber Thisarb
describes a method

deeper lies a class of thoughts
whose origin puzzles us
banners flaunted
of baseless theories
superficial resemblances
misleading recollection

testimony of intuitions
uncompensated wretchedness
anguish and humiliation
these are the stigmata

the rites of the Dying God
the sacrifice of blood
thick velvet darkness
proclamation of the Crowned and conquering Child

the serpent is the phallus
supreme symbol of the force
distinguish between time and space
attack astral mastered